Two Ears Are Better Than One!

Would you wear glasses with only one lens? If you’re considering wearing just one hearing aid, or already do, you may want to reconsider. There are many advantages to wearing two hearing aids, including better sound sensitivity, enhanced ability to locate sound and improved listening. Our human auditory system is designed to pick up sound[…]

Hearing Loss and Musicians

Otoacoustic Emissions Testing Valuable for Musicians Laura E. Gifford Everyone knows that loud sound can cause hearing loss. This situation is particularly touchy for musicians, whose careers frequently demand high levels of sound exposure when performing and sensitive hearing for creating music. While noise or music exposure and sensitive hearing may seem mutually exclusive, a[…]

Ringing in the ears? Buzzing? Is it driving you crazy? Find tinnitus solutions here!!!

  For years, patients have been told that nothing can be done to alleviate tinnitus (ringing in ears).  While there is still no definitive cure, there are now many options available to help manage this condition!   Approximately 90% of patients affected by tinnitus also have documented hearing loss.  Here at Premier, we offer several[…]

I need hearing aids, now what?

You’ve had your hearing tested and your audiologist has recommended the appropriate hearing instruments for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Usually, the next question is “does my insurance cover them?” In most cases, private health insurance does pay for hearing testing. Fewer, though, pay for hearing instruments. Some policies allow for partial or full payment[…]