I can hear but I can’t understand!


“I don’t have hearing loss.”   “I’m not old enough to have hearing loss.”  “I only have trouble understanding people when there’s a lot of noise in the room, or when people mumble.” 

Yeah, I’ve heard that before . . . several times a day, actually.  I am an audiologist in a private practice.  I perform and interpret hearing tests daily.  What do I see?  Hearing loss caused by wax impaction, hearing loss caused by an ear infection, hearing loss caused by a growth on the auditory nerve, hearing loss caused by noise exposure, hearing loss associated with the sudden onset of vertigo, hearing loss from the aging process, hearing loss associated with diabetes, hearing loss associated with a decline in cardiovascular health.  Need I go on?

Hearing loss is NOT a natural part of aging.  Just like arthritis, it becomes more common as we age, but it is not normal.  If you are experiencing difficulty hearing, have an audiologist perform a full diagnostic evaluation.  Let us diagnose your hearing loss and create a treatment plan that is right for you.  We will determine, based on the nature of your hearing loss, how to improve your hearing health and prevent further damage from occurring.  If a hearing aid is a necessary part of this treatment, as it often is, we will fit you with the most appropriate device for your individual needs.  Would you not take ibuprofen for arthritis pain because it’s normal for your age?  Of course not!  So why would you not address a hearing loss when there’s a solution for that too? –Mary Miller, Ph.D., CCC-A


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