Ringing in the ears? Buzzing? Is it driving you crazy? Find tinnitus solutions here!!!


For years, patients have been told that nothing can be done to alleviate tinnitus (ringing in ears).  While there is still no definitive cure, there are now many options available to help manage this condition!


Approximately 90% of patients affected by tinnitus also have documented hearing loss.  Here at Premier, we offer several methods and devices to help our patients manage their tinnitus. Our audiologists are certified in tinnitus therapy and will be able to develop a treatment plan specific to each patient’s needs.


Often times when a hearing loss is present, hearing instruments help to mask out the ringing by stimulating your ears with other environmental sounds.  Some hearing instruments now include programs and features specifically for patients who suffer from tinnitus.  One such device is the Widex Zen.  This device plays random, chime-like tones that are meant for relaxation and making the tinnitus less noticeable.  We have had great success in our office with this device!


“My Zen hearing aids? Well, I was initially suspicious. I mean, come on…different chimes going off all day long in each ear? The fact that the aids are not fitted only for my ears (and the fact that my tinnitus was driving me crazy) made me give them a try to see if they worked. If not, I could return them and not have to pay for them. At first, the chimes were really obvious, yet calming in a strange way. I knew I could turn them off too if I needed to, so I left them on to see what happened next. The chimes forced me to concentrate on the sounds they made rather than the ringing in my ears. Eventually, conversations and outside noises began to distract me from the chimes AND the ringing. Yes, the idea behind Zen hearing aids is crazy, but absolutely brilliant.”

Kim Zabbia


Another solution offered by our office is the SoundCure Serenade. This hand held device features earphones which generate sound therapy. Research has shown that acoustic treatments can address possible neurological causes of tinnitus.


If you suffer from tinnitus, call our office today at 985.419.8080 for an evaluation and consultation. Tinnitus can be treated and its symptoms can be improved!



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