Two Ears Are Better Than One!

Would you wear glasses with only one lens?

If you’re considering wearing just one hearing aid, or already do, you may want to reconsider. There are many advantages to wearing two hearing aids, including better sound sensitivity, enhanced ability to locate sound and improved listening. Our human auditory system is designed to pick up sound signals from both ears. When we compromise that system, it’s hard to determine the direction of sounds, and conversations become more challenging. Perhaps you even strain to hear with your “good ear” which leads to fatigue and frustration.
When hearing aids are worn in both ears, speech is easier to understand, and listening becomes more natural and relaxing. Many people find this to be especially true when faced with loud background noise such as in a restaurant. The reason is, you’re able to more effectively separate and determine the direction of sounds when you hear equally out of both ears.
Still not convinced? According to some research, the longer you use just one hearing aid, the more likely auditory deprivation can occur. This means your brain loses some of its ability to process information due to a lack of sound stimulation. There’s no denying that one hearing aid can improve your hearing. However, using two can often do it better. Call us at 985-419-8080 today to learn more about the benefits of wearing two hearing aids and how it can help balance and improve your hearing.

Mary Miller, Ph.D.

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